Land Use Bylaw

What is a Land Use by-law?
A Land Use by-law controls the use of land in your community. It states exactly:

  • how land may be used
  • where buildings and other structures can be located
  • the types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used
  • the lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from the street.

An official plan sets out your municipality’s general policies for future land use. Land Use by-laws put the plan into effect and provide for its day-to-day administration. They contain specific requirements that are legally enforceable. Construction or new development that doesn’t comply with a Land Use by-law is not allowed, and the municipality will refuse to issue a building permit. Many municipalities have a comprehensive Land Use by-law that divides the municipality into different land use zones, with detailed maps. The by-law specifies the permitted uses (e.g. commercial or residential) and the required standards (e.g. building size and location) in each zone.

Why do you need a zoning by-law?
A Land Use by-law:

  • implements the objectives and policies of a municipality’s official
  • provides a legal way of managing land use and future development
  • in addition to the official plan, protects you from conflicting and possibly dangerous land uses in your community.
What is a Land Use by-law amendment?
If you want to use or develop your property in a way that is not allowed by the Land Use by-law, you may apply for a zoning change, also known as rezoning. However,  council can consider a change only if the new use is allowed by the official plan. Before you apply for rezoning, you should talk to the municipal staff for advice and information. You must complete an application form which requires information by the municipality. Most municipalities require that you pay an application fee.

Icon Bylaw 1825 Fort Macleod Land Use Bylaw August 2015

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Icon Bylaw 1825 Fort Macleod Land Use Bylaw August 2015 (Map)

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Icon Bylaw 1826 Municipal Development Plan August 2015

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Icon Bylaw 1835 Amendments to Bylaw 1825

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Icon Fort Macleod Municipal Development Plan 1826 August 2015

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Icon Fort Macleod Land Use Bylaw 1882 February 11 2019 Map

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Icon Fort Macleod Land Use Bylaw 1882 February 2019 (No Map)

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Land Development

Land Development in Fort Macleod is usually done by the town as the owner of most of the vacant, undeveloped land in the community. Sales of town-owned property are normally handled at the Town Office but you may purchase town property through any of the local realtors.

Compliance Certificates

A Compliance Certificate is confirmation from the Town that all buildings and structures identified on the property have met the regulations under the Town of Fort Macleod’s Land Use Bylaw , and have the appropriate building permits.

Please Contact the Development Officer for more information as to what is required for submission.

403-553-4425 Ext 227

Business Licensing

The Town of Fort Macleod requires all resident and non-resident businesses, and hawkers, peddler and vendors to have a current Town of Fort Macleod business license.  For more information on the costs and regulations on business licensing please see the Business License Bylaw.

Business licenses run January 1 through December 31st each year and currently registered businesses will receive a reminder in December that new licenses will be available January 1st.

Please display your business’ license in a visible location and keep your dog’s license on their collar in case they escape and decide to go on an adventure.

If you have questions or concerns regarding licensing (either your dog or your business), contact the Town office at 403-553-4425 or email [email protected] (enforcement) or [email protected] (administration).

Icon Bylaw 1836 Business Bylaw 2016

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Home Occupations

HOME OCCUPATION:  an occupation, trade, business, profession or craft, carried on as an accessory use to the use of a dwelling.

Under the provisions of Land Use By-Law No. 1825 and 1836, it is necessary for the applicant to complete an application for a Home Occupation Business.  Once the application has been completed, it is then submitted to the Development Officer.

NOTE:  There may be a waiting period of up to forty (40) days for the processing of the Home Occupation Application. During this waiting period, although the applicant has paid all license fees, the applicant is not permitted to carry on business, trade, profession or craft (unless given permission by the Development Officer).

The Development Officer and/or Municipal Planning Commission will consider the application under the procedures as provided in the provisions of the Land Use By-Law No. 1825.  Once a decision has been reached, the applicant will be notified and, if the application is approved, a Business License for the Home Occupation will be issued.

Icon Bylaw 1825 Fort Macleod Land Use Bylaw August 2015

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Icon Bylaw 1836 Business Bylaw 2016

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Information on Parcels of land, available for sale are available through the interactive map system.

TOWN OF FORT MACLEOD Landsale Listing Ad

Development Permits and Safety Inspections

Park Enterprises Ltd. is a permitting and inspection Agency located in Lethbridge with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Southern Alberta is our home, and our team of professionals are eager to work with and in the Town of Fort Macleod.

Applications can be obtained from our website, or we can fax or email them directly to you. Submit your completed applications by fax or email and payment can be taken with Visa or MasterCard or submitted by cheque.

This will include permits for:

  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Building
  • Plumbing/ Private Sewage Disposal

All new Permit Applications will be made directly to Park Enterprises Ltd.

The Town Office will NOT BE PROCESSING ANY APPLICATIONS OR FEES for the above noted permits.

You can expect a high quality of service from our team as well as flexibility as we transition and work together. Our team looks forward to working together to meet your needs, answer any questions and ensure the safe completion of your projects! Phone, fax or email with any concerns, questions or inspection requests.

All permits currently in process through Superior Safety Codes will be handled by that agency until the file is completed and closed.  Transition of Services starting July 1, 2016

#10, 491 W.T. Hill Blvd. S.
Lethbridge, AB   T1J 1Y6
Tel:  (403) 329-3747 Fax:  (403) 329-8514
Toll Free: 1-800-621-5440
E-Mail: [email protected]


Permit Applications and Forms

Icon Business Incentive Application

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Icon Business License Application

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Icon Demolition Application

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Icon Development Application Site Plan Grid

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Icon Development Fees 2015

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Icon Home Occupation Development Permit Application

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Icon Land Use Amendment Application

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Icon Non Residential Development Permit Application

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Icon Request for Service Installation

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Icon Residential Development Permit Application

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Icon Residential Secondary Suite Development Application

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Icon Sign Development Permit Application

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Icon Subdivision Request for Extension Form

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Icon Telecommunications Siting Application

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Icon Time Extension Agreement

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Icon Urban Subdivision Application Package

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Icon Voluntary Waiver of Claims

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