The Electrical Department

The Town of Fort Macleod Electrical Department serves as the wire service provider for the majority of the Town of Fort Macleod. The Electrical Department manages various power requirements including operations, maintenance, street lighting and oversees construction of capital installations. Staff partake in restoring emergency power outages as mandated under the Alberta Electrical Utilities guidelines.

The Town of Fort Macleod owns and operates the Electric Distribution system in town. With the industry structure in Alberta, the town is responsible for local distribution services and passing on transmission charges to our customers. These charges show on your utility bill as transmission charges and distribution charges respectively. Transmission charges are billed to the town and passed onto our customers with no markup. Distribution charges are the revenues the town keeps for operating the distribution system.

Electricity Rates

The Town has three classes of rates for different customers;

  • Residential (Rate 100),
  • Small General Service (Rate 200) and
  • General Service (Rate 400).

Click on the various rate schedules below for more information. All customers taking delivery service from the town are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Electric Service.