The Town of Fort Macleod operates the Water Treatment Plant and distribution system in town. All water use is metered.

The town’s water intake is located on the banks of the Oldman River and collects a combination of subsurface and surface water. The quality of raw water entering the treatment plant is normally quite high meaning minimal treatment is normally required.

The Town also operates a mechanical Wastewater Treatment Plant. Built in 2010, this Plant consists of screening, nutrient removal (phosphorus and ammonia), filtering, UV treatment and ultimate disposal to the Oldman River downstream of our water intake.

Finding Leaks

It is a good habit to take a walk around your home on a regular basis to check for leaks.

You may also use your water meter to help find them.  Record your meter reading in the late evening and again in the early morning or before and after any long period where there is no water use. If the meter dial has moved while there is no water being used, you have a leak.

Toilets are famous for their hidden leaks and hundreds of gallons of water a day, can slip through undetected. To test, place some food coloring in your toilet’s holding tank and wait for 15 to 30 minutes. If the food coloring shows up in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak.

Defective or older water softeners have been known to malfunction, causing excessive water use. Set the timer on your softener so you are aware of when it should be running. If you hear it at other times it may be operating unnecessarily and require maintenance.


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