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Children’s Allied Health Services

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200 5th Avenue South, South Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB, Canada, Alberta, Canada

Phone:  403-388-6575 or Toll Free 1-888-388-6575

Fax:  403-328-5139

Address:  A2:52, 200 – 5th Ave South, Lethbridge, AB T1J 4C7

Hours:  Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Mission:  Children’s Allied Health Services provides community based assessment, rehabilitation, intervention and education regarding child development. We work in partnership with families to support children with developmental challenges, by identifying their needs and building on their strengths and abilities.

Services:  Children’s Allied Health Services is a multidisciplinary team that provides the following:

Audiology – Assessment, identification, and management of hearing loss. Concerns may include:  doesn’t respond to his/her name or noises, doesn’t talk or mixes up sounds, needs directions repeated, turns one ear toward the person who is talking.

Speech-Language Pathology – Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication difficulties. Concerns may include:  hard to understand, mixes up sounds, doesn’t use many words, difficulty re-telling a story or event, makes up funny sounding sentences.

Infant/Preschool Development Education – Assessment, treatment and education for families concerned with their preschool child’s development, behavior or special needs. Concerns may include prematurity or genetic syndromes, slow to talk, crawl or toilet train.

Physiotherapy – Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a child’s physical abilities. Concerns may include: awkward or delayed movement skills (eg. Slow to sit, crawl or walk).

Occupational Therapy – Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a child’s fine motor abilities of daily living. Concerns may include:  difficult time dressing or using fasteners, dislikes sensory experience’s, appears to have weak hands, difficulty printing/writing or using scissors.

Assistive Technology Consultation Services – Multidisciplinary assessment and treatment of children requiring communication devises and/or technology to support verbal and written communication.

Baby Consultation Services – Multidisciplinary assessment and treatment of infants under the age of 8months who are at risk for developmental delays. Concerns may include:  low birth weight, prematurity, medical risk factors, diagnoses of a syndrome, or feeding difficulties.

Feeding consultation Services – Multidisciplinary assessment and treatment of children 8 months and older, who are experiencing feeding difficulties, Concerns may include:  difficulty chewing and swallowing, choking and/or gagging with different food textures, food aversions, or transitioning from tube feedings to oral feeding.

Seating Services – Provide service to children with wheelchair and seating needs.

Contact Information
Phone: 1-888-388-6575