Notice of Non-Statutory Public Hearing

Non – Statutory Public Hearing

As per resolution R.366.2017 a Non-statutory Public Hearing has been scheduled regarding the potential sale of the electrical distribution system.

R.366.2017 Moved by Councillor Orr that Council approves a Non-Statutory Public Hearing to be held at the January 8, 2017 Regular Council Meeting where citizens of Fort Macleod may present to Council their views and information relating to the question of whether the Town of Fort Macleod should retain or look to sell its electrical distribution system. Such Non-Statutory Public Hearing will be governed by the rules and procedures outlined in Bylaw 1851 known as the Procedural bylaw. Consistent with such bylaw, neither members of Council, nor Town Administration will be under obligation to answer any question which may be posed in the public hearing.  The purpose of the hearing is for Council members to collect information and hear reasoning from citizens.


  • Monday January 8, 2018 7:00 pm to be held at the Fort Macleod Public Library 264 24 St.

Bylaw 1851

Section 2.1 (p) a “Non-statutory Public Hearing” is a pre-advertised public hearing that is convened at the direction of Council, in its discretion, in relation to a specified matter, in a case where Council is not otherwise required to hold a hearing under the Municipal Government Act or another enactment;

Section 10.3. Procedure for a Public Hearing is as follows, in sequence:

  1. a) The Chair will declare the Public Hearing open and outline the purpose of the Public Hearing, the process to be followed and any preliminary matters;
  2. b) Administration will introduce the proposed item, followed by questions of clarification from Council;
  3. c) If applicable, the applicant(s) will be invited to identify themselves and make verbal presentations, followed by questions by Council;
  4. d) Presentations from the public, in the following order:

(i)         those speaking in favour,

(ii)        those speaking against, and

(iii)       any other person desiring to speak to the matter, and

(iv)       follow up questions from Members;

e) Questions of the Administration from Members; and

f) Motions

In order to adhere to Section 10.3 The following should be noted:

Any citizen of Fort Macleod wanting to appear as a delegation will have to pre-submit a notice to appear that clearly states:

  1. a) Name;
  2. b) noting whether they are “for” or “against” the issue;
  3. c) Submission of any written documentation wanting to be presented to Council; this must be received at the Town Office by 4:00 pm Wednesday January 3, 2018 to be included in the Agenda package.

It should also be noted that one hour will be set aside at the January 8, 2017 meeting for the Public Hearing and that the time limit of 5 minutes will be adhered to and that no individual shall speak more than once per agenda item.