Town Council

Town Council
Town Council

From left to right:

  • Back Row – Councillor Marco Van Huigenbos, Councillor Gord Wolstenholme, Councillor David Orr, Councillor Werner Dressler.
  • Front Row -Councillor Jim Monteith, Mayor Brent Feyter, Councillor Kristi Edwards
Mayor Brent Feyter

I was raised in Fort Macleod and involved in a variety of local youth sports and activities. Since graduating in 1997, I worked at a few local businesses and mostly worked with our family business, Structural Truss Systems, designing engineered wood products and helping grow the company. My wife Janey is a stay at home mom with our 5 children, Micah, Sherayah, Levi, Emalee and Maelle.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, being challenged by those who have attained goals and challenges seemingly impossible and spending time with our family.

In living, learning and being challenged by others, I have grown to appreciate the significant role a community has on the development of the family and the success of business. To me, community is a place where people are excited about living and working, a place where we trust each other, celebrate the successes of our fellow citizens and pull together when things get tough. For that reason I ran for a seat on town council and look forward to seeing our community be a great place for families to live, a place for businesses to thrive and working together to accomplish realistic and timely goals.

Councillor Feyter’s Committee and Board Appointments include:

  • Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance
  • Fort Macleod Historical Association (Alternate)
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Foothills Alcohol Action Society
  • Mayors and Reeves
  • Highway 3 EDC

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Councillor Werner Dressler

Councillor Dressler’s Committee and Board Appointments include:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Community Hall Society
  • Fort Macleod Historical Association
  • Fort Macleod Drug Coalition
  • Fort Macleod Subdivision and Appeal Board
  • Regional Waste Management Facility (Alternate)
  • Traffic Safety Committee

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Councillor Kristi Edwards

Councillor Edward’s Committee and Board Appointments include:

  • Chinook Arch Regional Library Board (alternate)
  • Affordable Housing Committee
  • Early Childhood Coalition
  • Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)
  • Fort Macleod Community Initiative Association
  • Municipal Planning Commission

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Councillor Jim Monteith

Councillor Monteith’s Committee and Board Appointments include:

  • Built Heritage Advisory Board
  • Chinook Arch Regional Library Board
  • Fort Macleod Public Library Board
  • Fort Macloed Interagency
  • Council Timesheet Committee

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Councillor David Orr

Councillor Orr’s Committee and Board Appointment include:

  • Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance (alternate)
  • Cultural Heritage Tourism Alliance
  • Environment Committee
  • Fort Macleod Sub Division and Development Appeal Board

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Councillor Marco Van Huigenbos

Councillor Van Huigenbos’s Committee and Board Appointments include:

  • Affordable Housing Committee
  • Agriculture Society
  • Empress Theatre Society
  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • CAO Review Committee

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Councillor Gord Wolstenholme

I was born in Calgary in 1949 and Spent my school years in Nanton.

I taught in Fort Macleod for 35 years and  have lived in Fort Macleod for 41 years. Penny is my lovely wife and best friend. I have 3 children George(Jenn), Bill(Sybil) and Brandy(Cole) and  I have 8 grandchildren. I have been a Councillor for 10 years.

Councillor Wolstenholme’s Committee and Board Appointments include:

  • Willow Creek Foundation
  • Affordable Housing Committee
  • MD Subdivision Appeal Board
  • Oldman River Regional Services Commission
  • Regional Waste Management Board
  • Municipal Planning Commission (Alternate)

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