Speak with Council

Excerpt from Procedure Bylaw 1793:

Where a person, or a group of persons, wishes to bring any matter before Council in -person, or to have any submitted matter considered by the Council, a written letter, a non-statutory petition or other communication may be submitted to the Chief Administrative Officer 1 week prior to the meeting at which they are to be heard and such communication or non-statutory petition must: be printed, typewritten or legibly written; clearly set out the matter at issue and the request made of Council in respect thereof, including sufficient background information to provide Council with an understanding of the matter being presented; be temperate and respectful ;be signed (except when it is submitted by facsimile or e-mail); and provide the name(s), current mailing address and daytime telephone contact number(s) of the person(s) who will be addressing the Council.

The Municipal Manager will make every reasonable effort to respond to the person submitting the communication or petition, and advise that person of any action being taken on the subject of the written submission to Council. In the event that the action requires the person(s) to appear as a delegation before Council, the Municipal Manager will advise the person(s);of the date, time and location that the presentation before Council is to be made; that their presentation is not to exceed 15 minutes in length, unless previously authorized for a longer time limit; that Council reserves the right to defer making a decision on the matter until the next scheduled meeting or until Council is satisfied that it has had sufficient opportunity to thoroughly consider the matter.

For more in depth info please refer to Bylaw 1793 Procedures


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